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Monday, August 29, 2011

August Over

Wow!!!!! I can't believe how fast the months are going …..I have to admit I’m kind of happy summer is winding down  …I want to start walking again and it’s been way too hot to do that, so with fall coming it can only mean cooler evenings…….Right now I have been to again and again every thrift store within a 2 hour radius ….I am trying to finish my Eat Pray Love book so I can watch the movie but I do have to admit the book is so good I will miss it when its done…….As you can see I’ve been working on my blog and I’m also enjoying that ….The thing I am looking forward to doing, well besides moving to Canada is Mike and I going on our road trip vacation…….We plan to leave Colorado in a week or so and travel to Mount Rushmore ND ….Then we go through Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho……Once we get to Washington we hope to visit Mt Rainier and Mt St Helen……Then we will travel down the coast and eventually end up in Florence Oregon …I can’t wait to get back to Florence, that is where we spent our honeymoon and I love the beaches….After a couple of days there we will continue down the coast until we get to San Francisco California ,where I hope to spend time on Fisherman’s Wharf and ride a Cable Car ….Then maybe visit Alcatraz Prison ……It will be so much fun …Then back home and hopefully by then Mike will have gotten his Permanent Resident application approved for Canada and we can be back with my family by Thanksgiving…..

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