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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finally back in Canada

Well I'm finally back home in Canada and I'm so happy ....It's so nice to be around family and we have already had a few family get togethers and everyone is adjusting well even MaCavity our cat.....After being on our own without any family around for the last ten years it's easier then I thought ....I even had guest for dinner last night and it went great ....Love it......After ten days I am almost all moved in and I wanted to show you the new look I now have for my living room ....This place is bigger but a lot of my things didn't go well so I had to get rid of a lot of things and I have this beautiful ceiling to floor wall of windows that I have to find some way to cover .....I am going to try to get back into blogging and get my Friend to Friend Friday back on track ....I missed blogging so much and I want to welcome the new followers to my blog ....I hope you will check back again ....Im going to try to do some more subway art and please feel free to use any of those anytime you want .....Well I guess I will see you all friday .... Thank you for following me and its great to be back !!!!!!!! Please enjoy my photos

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