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Monday, February 6, 2012

Just wanted to share some pictures of my bestest pet friend ever ....His name is MaCavity and he will be 7 yrs old this summer....He has been with us since he will 5 wks old....When we got him we were living in an apartment building in Great Falls MT and we were not allowed to have any pets .....For some reason we ended up at the pet store one Sunday and here he was this little tiny kitten with big eyes making us fall head over heels in love with him....He would fit in Mike's hand and seemed quite contend there....Well there was no leaving the store without him we knew we would figure something out.....So we kept him in our apartment and played very quietly with him ...When he needed to go out to the vet or we wanted to just take him for a ride we had this black overnight bag and when we got that out he knew he was going somewhere so he would get inside and I would zip him up and say now MaCavity be very quiet no meowing so like he knew even way back then what I was saying he would not make a sound and when we got off the parking lot I would let him out and away we would go

So after we had him a few months we moved to Boise and he got in his pet carrier we had got for him and was so good on the trip it was amazing ........We didn't have to hide him now and me and him would look out the window and watch squirrels in the trees close to our apartment  and when the squirrels all scurried away I would say "Gone" and he would get down...Then not too long after, he started to say gone and I know you must think ya ya sure he did but he really did and I have no proof because like a kid you try to record it and he is not saying anything........

So with both of us working all the time MaCavity was now spending a lot of time alone and we trying to be nice decided to go out and look for another kitty to keep him company......Well that thought was the first mistake and things just got worst from there :) We found this sweet cat that someone had returned to the humane society because she was unsociable and took her home to meet MaCavity ....The first time they met face to face Jezzy short for Jezzabella took a swipe at MaCavity and took a piece right off his ear just a little piece but still a piece .....We decided in time they would become friends and decided to keep Jezzy ....That was the second mistake :)

You can see from the next photo (yes thats MaCavity ready to eat Jezzy for being in the same chair as he was) it didn't get any better but we were ones for not giving up so we kept Jezzy for 2 yrs ...We took her with us when we moved to AZ and after a year there took here to Colorado but the fighting never stopped and Jezzy started to get a little destructive so we decided we would try to find her a new home where she could get the attention she needed So a few weeks after moving to Colorado we found her a home with a young lady and it seems she is doing quite well 

 So now it's just the three of us and MaCavity is quite contend with being the only pet ...He loves to have his picture taken and I love taking it ...After MaCavity grew into the big Kitty that he is now I had to come to terms with getting over my issues with cat hairs and sometimes discovering fur balls and learn to love him all over again and now like I said earlier he is my bestest pet friend I have or ever will have ...I love him so much and whats a few furballs and cat hairs when he reaches up with his paw and strokes my face :)

Can you see me Mommy !!!

 People that hate cats will come back as mice in their next life.

 Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose. - Garrison Keillor

I swear I didn't know moving to Canada would come to this :)

I love my blankey!!!!!

I'm trying to sleep ya know :)

 Mommy Mommy turn off the lights please

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