Bedroom Makeover Completed !!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well I finally have it finish ....I love my new peaceful calming bedroom ...I am having so much trouble getting out of bed since I finished and to think I did all this for less then one hundred dollars :) So here are a couple of picture to remind you of what I started with


We had the walls painted at this time and again I used Benjamin Moore paint ....It's called Beacon Gray ....Nothing really stands out here not even my white bedspread or my blue vintage curtains.....

But as George Horace Lorimer said "You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction."
So I decided to change it and do at as cheaply as I possibly could.. First I had to replace the headboard because I hated it ...I went on Kijiji and found the one I wanted for $25.00 ...It was perfect !!!....Then to get rid of those pictures above the bed .....To start I am so lucky to have a very talented sister who can do vinyl so when I saw a picture of  small wooden seagulls on a wall painted similar to mine I knew right where to go :)  .........So with a new headboard and seagulls flying above my head my room makeover began  (The before pictures were taken at night but that's all I have ) ....Now wanna peek at my beginning ?

I love the look so far but I knew a few things had to be go or be redone to get the picture of the dream bedroom I had in my mind...... Time to paint and shop !!!!!

I gave my old nightstands and dresser a sand down to rough them up  and then painted them a creamy off white  Benjamin Moore Cotton Balls ....Next to be painted with the frame on a  large picture I had .....I added shelves and a couple of drawings I found online to hang above them, I got rid of the cursed never straight bed skirt (when we bought our new bed we bought a frame instead of the foundation for the mattress ) and got some flowers from Walmart ..... I used some vases I already had packed away in a container and WOW!!!! I had it ....It was perfect just like I wanted it and it cost me next to nothing ....It's amazing what you can do with less then $100.00

My Favorite Quote

My Drawing and a sand dollar from the Oregon Coast

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