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Saturday, April 14, 2012

One of the things I hated when we moved here was the bathroom ...It was so small and I had just moved from a place that had 2 very large bathrooms and one was all mine ....Now I had this tiny little thing and I had to share :(                                         So I went from this

To this


So there it was but then my sister to the rescue again send me a link to a blog that had done a makeover and I knew I had to try it so the first thing I did was got rid of the flower child shelf over the toilet and the bulky in your face shower curtain and replace the light that well I'm not sure what era that came from but it was one that didn't really have an impact on bathroom decor ....You will notice the light is very close to the ceiling ....The new one was put where the old one was but that will change :) So all I have actually paid money for so far was the light $19.99 and the cloth shower liner which was $12.00


So no more peeks let me show you the finish bathroom well almost finish bathroom I have one more thing to do and that's to put a white moulding frame around the mirror...I have the moulding but I need to get flatter clips for the mirror ...I will add another photo when finish ....So .....

I yes I moved the light down and got a quart of paint Benjamin Moore Almost Black $10.49 and  for the walls I used the paint I had left over from doing my dressers It was Benjamin Moore Cotton Balls and the ceiling is the same as I used in my bedroom which was Benjamin Moore Beacon Gray ....2 new door handles $8.99 and a mat from Walmart $14.99 I also got 2 picture frames $20.00 for 2 and a piece of burlap for $3.00

I painted the towel holder and a shelf I had white and got 2 white picture frames at the dollar store so $2.00 there and printed of the flower photos from online  and used a mason jar and other things I had already 

To do these beautiful pictures I got the frames removed the glass and then glued burlap to the back and to the burlap I glued the starfish we got when we were in Oregon

I still don't have a lot of space in my bathroom but it's funny how we always adapt to what we do have ...The best thing is my beautiful bathroom makes up for it all and I did it for less then $100.00 and money left for my moulding ...........

Oh I almost forgot to thank the site that inspired all this and gave me such great ideas ....A big THANK YOU to  ....You are an amazing blogger with great ideas and again thank you for allowing me to use them to make my home more enjoyable

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Anonymous said...

ADORABLE!, Ha youd loved ours, when we moved in this house a year ago this past April, it was Barney Puke PURPLE! rofl



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