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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dare to Dream

               "It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream." Author: Bern Williams

It doesn't matter if your enjoying a sunset over an ocean  a mountain or just slipping down into the trees ....It still makes you dream ...I watched this sunset from my sixth floor apartment window and I couldn't help but dream about all the things I wanted to accomplish before this year ends and to softly whisper a thank you for all the things I have already received ...I had somehow lost track of my dreams ...I guess sometimes when we have received so much we settle for whatever comes next but that is not how I want my life to be ....I like the feeling you get when you want something so bad it's all you live for ...You dream of having it all the time and then once you receive it the feeling is so awesome ...So tonight I dream again ....I want my story to be about a woman who never stopped believing  and more important never stopped receiving because she had faith and with faith there was a fact ...A fact that said "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. "

I want my life to be like this song no matter about the bad parts it's time to lose those and dream like a little girl again .............

I was a little girl
Alone in my little world
Who dreamed of a little home for me
I played pretend between the trees
And fed my houseguests bark and leaves
And laughed in my pretty bed of green

I had a dream
That I could fly
From the highest swing
I had a dream

Long walks in the dark
Through woods grown behind the park
I asked God who I'm supposed to be
The stars smiled down at me
God answered in silent reverie
I said a prayer and fell asleep

I had a dream
That I could fly
From the highest tree
I had a dream


Now I'm old and feeling gray
I don't know what's left to say
About this life I'm willing to leave
I lived it full, I lived it well
As many tales I live to tell
I'm ready now, I'm ready now
I'm ready now
To fly from the highest wing
I had a dream

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