Child Abuse

Friday, March 8, 2013

There are so many people being abused in our world today ...We have spousal abuse, child abuse, elderly abuse and bullying ....I wrote this poem for a site that was offering help to abuse victims  ...I tried to put myself in the little boys place in the poem ....It wasn't hard to do because back when I was growing up many forms of discipline would now be considered abuse .....
I have read so much from people who were abused as children and just like abuse we suffer as adults, it leaves them broken and rejected ....Please if you see or hear anything to make you suspect abuse may be going on  REPORT IT ....You don't get punished for being wrong but if you turn the other way it will make you no better then the abuser ...
So please..........
 "Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light"
Prayer Of A Child

He buries his head into the pillow and cries late into the night
Wondering why his life is so cruel
and why no one just holds him tight
His fragile little body hurting from the pain afflicted
by someone who was suppose to care
He is so young but still he dares to ask God
why he has such heavy burdens to bear

He tries to be so good but no matter what he does
its never good enough it seems
Even the darkness won’t bring him peace
the pain has found its way into his dreams
He thinks Mommy why can’t you love me
like the mommy down the street
Why can’t I be like all my friends
and not have so many secrets to keep

Mommy you tell me I’m bad and I must be punished
for the bad things I do
But can’t you see I’m trying so hard to just be loved
and cared for by you
To be able to hear you softly telling me you love me
and how I am your little man
But instead I feel your anger and you tell me how I deserve
each blow from your uncaring hand

He wipes the tears from his eyes and recites the prayer
his teacher had taught them today
For she had told them if they would quietly whisper this prayer
it would make any bad dreams go away

Father, unto Thee I pray,
Thou has guarded me all day;
Safe while in Thy sight,
safely let me sleep tonight.
Poem written by Kath
Prayer by Henry Johnstone

   © 2002 KB

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Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

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