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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Writing a Book

I guess you all must have read in earlier post that I'm writing a book ...I'm not sure if I will ever get it finish but hopefully by the end of the year ...

I thought it would be hard to do because of blocking most of the years I was abused  but I sit here and start typing and before I know it I am finish another chapter.....I really do believe that writing this book will help me settle a lot of things in my mind .....I'm starting to remember in more detail some things I thought were buried forever and that is a good thing .....

I was so scared to remember but my therapist told me something on our last visit that really stuck with me ...She said not all things we forget are bad things and she said although I have blocked a lot of those years they may not be worst then what I already remember or some of them anyways .....She said to just let it come naturally .....Its actually helping me feel better about things

I know you all know I have Fibromyalgia and I have to try acupuncture and massage for it and that is why I'm seeing a therapist but all in all its so hard to admit that I am/was broken and sometimes it takes a lot of different things to fix brokenness ...Hopefully I'm on the road to that .....


  1. If you want to pursue publishing, I suggest you contact Influence Publishing in British Columbia. The woman who founded it is amazing and what she focuses on is real people sharing their thoughts.
    Marilyn - Olio By Marilyn

  2. I am glad you are writing. It must be a lot of work but it also must feel very rewarding to see the end product.

  3. Thank you Marilyn I will check that out ...Angela it is a lot of work but like you said the end product makes it worth while


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