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Saturday, May 11, 2013

I was thinking how I could honor my Mom today...Something that would let her know how much I love her ....I thought about writing a poem but no Ive done that before ....I didn't have money to send flowers or a gift so what could I do..... I decided to write her a letter from my heart

Hi Mom
First I want to wish you Happy Mother's Day and if I could afford flowers today this is what I would have given you
These flowers are Daylilies and they are known to survive many kinds of harsh conditions and still bloom into a beautiful flower and once bloomed no matter what harsh conditions comes its way... It's known to stand tall with grace and beauty....So of course I thought of you ...
You are an amazing woman who have survived so may harsh conditions and still managed to be full of beauty and grace....
I am so blessed to have you for a Mom ..... Because of bad decisions I made in my life I feel I missed out on so much time with you ....Getting to know you and becoming friends with you as I grew into a young woman but now in my later years I feel like I am fortunate enough for that to happen .....
As I learn more about you and how you lost your mom at such a young age and not only your mom but being separated from some of your brothers and sisters.... I can't even imagine how alone you felt but you still managed to become a beautiful strong woman..... I am amazed with how strong you are ...
I'm amazed at your ability to take whatever harsh conditions come your way like losing the only true love of your life, my dad to cancer and there were times my heart would break because I would think once again you must have felt so alone ..... I know you know you have us but no one not even a child can replace the love of your lifetime and then shortly after dealing with all that you got cancer but yet you never gave up and with a unshakable faith in God you weathered the wind and survived ... It seemed you were determined to win the battle not only for yourself but for dad too
I am also very proud of you for little things like learning to use and owning an ipad when your 75 and always dressing so in style and classy..... I love your energy now and how you try to stay in touch with all your grand kids and great grand kids..... I admire your Independence and how you look forward to going back to your own house each spring and how devoted you are to your church
I love you Mom and you inspire me daily... you encourage me when I'm not having a good day and even stand by me when I do and say dumb things ...... I now know what its like to be your friend and will cherish it forever .... I have no doubt in my mind whatever harsh conditions comes your way you will handle it with strength and grace..... I think everyone that know you can say this bible verse is for you  "Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates" Have a wonderful day today and everyday.... I love and admire you  and I will see you soon
Love "Kab"   


Sue xx said...

Hallo, what a beautiful tribute to your Mum, you must miss her very deeply,

Kath said...

My mom lives close to me and ty



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