Rainy Sleepy Saturday

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good Day Friends ....I hope you are all doing fine and enjoying your weekend .....It's raining here again today ...It seems like its always raining but that is okay at least its keeping everything nice and green ....This spring and summer is so different then last years ....Last year we had a heat wave going on in the spring and a very hot summer ....It seems like this year will be more rain then sun ....


I wanted to tell you all that I think I have finally found the right meds for my pain and the last week has been very good.... I still have pain but its moved down from a nine to a three or four so that is bearable .....Last night was a little rough I couldn't get to sleep until after three because my level was higher but I slept until eleven this morning....The little pain chart below is helping me so much because I find it kind of calms me down when I can say my pain is nine or my pain is three ....I have no idea why but it really does calm me and stops me from over reacting and then in turn making my pain worst
Michael still haven't found a job but hopefully this week coming he will have one ...He has a very good chance of one so please keep us in your prayers ..... I  think when this is all said and done we will have learned some really good lessons from this hard time to better equip us for our future ...Just me typing the words keep us in your prayers is already a big step for me .....I wasn't a big fan of people praying for me but I have learned that no matter how confused or what you believe prayer is basically just faith and without faith what can we expect........

Anyways I hope whatever you are doing this weekend you will all be safe and healthy .....Love  :~/


Angela said...

I do believe in prayers. Glad you are getting some rain, it makes it all so green and pretty. Hope your husband will get a job soon. So glad that your meds are helping with the pain. Have a great weekend.

Kath said...

Thank you Angela ...... I always believed in prayer I just needed to sort some things out so I was off track for awhile Thank you so much for your comments :)



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