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Friday, July 5, 2013

I have got some great news ....Michael got a job and he will start work on the 22nd of this month .....We are so excited and the place he will work pays about 15,000 more a year then his last job ...So it was all worth it .....He has to do some training and then we may be moving to his new work area .....

When he got the news yesterday I almost fell to the floor, I cried and sobbed ....It was like the weight of the world had been lifted and I didn't have to hold it in any longer .....I had been so worried and scared but tried my best to stay calm for Michael because if he got discouraged we wouldn't survive but now that it was okay it was like a floodgate of relief .........There is something about standing beside each other and one or the other bringing balance to the relationship when the other is slightly off course .....

I felt so guilty that it was my idea we were here and now things looked so helpless and I'm sure Michael felt guilty because he had lost his job but not once did one blame the other ....We just leaned on each other and one began stronger in the areas the other lacked ..... and we made it and we still love each other more then life .....Things like this will never tear us a part it will just make us stronger if we stand together .....Never breaking only bending :)

Anyways its just about over now and we can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel ....I wanted to thank everyone who kept us in your prayers and thoughts ...I so appreciate it ....To all the people that helps us with encouraging words and financial support with a few dollars when we needed it Thank You Thank You Thank You....  ........Until next time please be safe and well


Angela said...

I am happy for him and congratulations on the new job!!! Praise the Lord!! Have a good weekend!

Kath said...

Thank You !!



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