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Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 4 ....Changing Me

The willingness to accept responsibility for one's own life is the source from which self-respect springs.  ~Joan Didion
As I sit here this morning thinking of my new day I can't help but dwell just a little in the yesterdays .... I honestly think we have to examine our life and look at some of our yesterdays as lessons and how we need to learn from our past to create a better future .....
I do believe we should never plan our future but we do need to prepare for it and if we are not prepared for the future by learning from past mistakes then we may be prone to repeating those mistakes....We cannot truly start a journey with so much baggage our first step sluggish and weighed down ....We have to start our journey by digging deep inside our self and realizing there are things we need to let go
I think the hardest thing for me to accept is me .... I have a lot of trouble liking myself and in the past I have always relied on other people sometimes even strangers to make me feel better .... I didn't think I deserved any happiness and my self respect was at an all time low
I could spend hours giving you reasons why I am the kind of person I am and pinpoint exactly where the fault lies for my lack of happiness and self respect but would I be honest ....
We can only be a victim for so long then somewhere, sometime we have to accept the responsibility that we alone are responsible for how we live ... Its so easy to say I'm this way because of this thing or person ....
Well today the lesson for me to embrace and learn is that I have to take responsibility and then in turn forgive myself  So today I will ask myself to please forgive me for the lack of self respect I have had and to please help me to find that self respect again and be prepared for a wonderful future



  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I found it was a great way to get me motivated and going for the day while getting exercise and bringing in a little extra income. A win-win all around :) Have a great day! I am learning each day that there are things that I enjoy and other things that I just have to say no to - even if others tell me that I should be doing it. It's all about being true to who I am.

  2. Hi Kath- Thank you for checking out my blog. I just read your recent posts and I have to share this website with you. I have had friends lose tons of weight using it and they have a wonderful and caring community who will help you make it to your goals. Please check it out- I know you can get healthy and IT IS FREE! :)

    1. I will check that out ....Thx Nora

  3. Good words there Kath! We have to say "no" to abuses that comes our way.
    Wishing a lovely weekend.

    1. Yes we do Angela and its sad because sometimes I am my biggest abuser ..... You have a lovely weekend too


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