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Thursday, October 3, 2013

I have finally finish my book and I am so relieved .....Michael just needs to do a few punctuations fixers and then its off to find a publisher ....Self publishing seems to be the way to go these days but I need to understand it a little better .... I'm in contact with a lady that recently got her book out there and I will talk to her soon when I am able to carry on a normal conversation .... I have been stricken with the 100 day cough or whooping cough in a milder form and every time I open my mouth to speak I cough .....

I guess I can finally say I have successfully weaned myself of all the meds I was taking and hopefully my winter won't be like last year ...... I read somewhere that when you go on meds for Fibromyalgia they balance out things in your brain and sometimes it even resets it  ...So I hope that is what will happen to me .... I also thought about all the suffering I had last winter and wonders now if me being in such a deep depression could have made my pain worst then what it was ....

I am still trying to remain positive and not let other people get to me so much and its hard but I do think I'm making progress and someday  I will be back to old self or new self ... It doesn't matter as long as it's myself  :)

Now to get to who I am .... I am so changed from the person I used to be and I feel like I have grown in a positive way  ... When I got away from my abuse I didn't continue my harsh ways of doing things and I did become more confident than I have been for a long time or that was how it was until I moved back here and depression set in .....But I am finding myself now and I'm starting to like me again  ......

I really wish people who had refused to call me anything but that stupid nickname would abide by my wishes and call me an adult name now ...Not something that sounds like I just came from the backwoods of redneck and hillbilly land ....I would love it if people would call me Kat  or Kath ...I'm not that fond of my given name either but I guess I could deal with that ..... I was thinking about it last night it seems all my siblings are now being called by a shorter version of their name well except for Una but that's a pretty name anyways ..... My aunt after years of being Betty stated she liked Libby and everyone fell in line with it  ....... So please if I have to beg for respect I will all you people out there who thing Kab is still cool please at least try because someday I may decide to not answer to that silly silly name


Marilyn R. Wilson said...

I actually am signed with a hybrid publisher called Influence Publishing. You get the connections you need but retain full ownership.

Kath said...

I will check it out Thank You :)



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