Aching bones and one more room to paint

Friday, November 8, 2013

Good Morning everyone .... I'm up already because my knees and back are killing me .... My hands are cramping and when they cramp I have to close my hand with the other hand ... I think it got something to do with carpal tunnel ..... but  I have my kitchen painted and I really love it  .... It goes with the rest of the paint and its a really relaxed and happy color ... I have the guest room left to paint and then I am done .....Im not sure if I will get it done before Xmas because I'm tired :) Anyways I wanted to share a few pics of my kitchen with you  ..... I hope you are all safe and well


Jan said...

My husband and I have developed 'painter's claw' hands from holding a small brush and doing all of the trim paint throughout the house. The green looks great and so refreshing. Have a great weekend, Jan

Kath said...

I had cramps in my hands for almost a week but it seemed to be getting better now so I have got to get at that room



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