Fibromyalgia, Xmas Tree, TouchStones and Selfies

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My fibromyalgia is starting to get worst and the rheumatoid arthritis is making it almost impossible to type without my hands hurting and cramping ....I guess the cold weather does make it worst and this is my lot in live ....After the craziness of Xmas is over I am going to start going for massages and acupuncture .... Hopefully that will bring some relief and help me stay off the meds that leave me so lost and in a foggy world

I know most of you will think it's way to early but I put my tree up ... I love Xmas so much and every year I try to wait but I fail so why try anymore ... The tree is up and I love it :)

I want to mention Michael again :) I heard the word touchstone talked about today and I had to check  the Urban Dictionary and get the definition  and it was like finding the definition of Michael ....He is truly my touchstone ............
Person of importance. Significant other. Your constant, the person who completes you and makes you whole. A true friend without criticisms and judgements, who loves you unconditionally.

Speaking of words I guess Oxford Dictionaries has voted *Selfie* to be the word of the year for 2013
Selfie is a photo one would take with a smart phone or web cam and uploads to facebook, twitter and other social medias ..... So I leave you with a Selfie and wishes that you all will be healthy, safe and happy ...... Until next time .....

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allisamazing said...

Sorry to hear your arthritis and fibromyagia is acting up. This winter weather just doesn't help. Your Christmas tree is lovely. I am in the process of getting mine up this week but I feel behind because so many homes in our area have there's beautifully decorated and light and I see them shining through their windows every morning!



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