Nothing but Blue Skies and Scattered Clouds

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I have most of my painting done ....Just the kitchen and guest room left .... The red door had to go because it totally didn't look good with the blue walls but it was fun to have a red door if only for a day or two.... I'm not really used to the new color yet but I like it .... It looks a little heavenly and pure :) but I guess in time .... I was thinking about painting my kitchen BM yellowstone  .....It has white cabinets and white counter-tops so a little deep mustard color may stir up some inspiration in the kitchen .... I still need some new pictures for the walls and maybe a mirror but for now this will have to do .... My brother in-law is making me an entry table so maybe a mirror up above that ......... If we stay here we are going to take up the carpet and put in hardwood floors but that's a decision for later down the road .... I always say don't plan but I always gotta have one :) .... Here are some photos of my hard work this past week ...I hope you like 

It's hard to believe its November already ... Be safe, and  healthy .....


allisamazing said...

I have to say I am a little bit sad the red door had to go but the blue is beautiful! Reminds me of a sunny day at the ocean!

Kath said...

I was sad too ...Thx I love the ocean and who don't love sunny skies :)

Maa said...
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Maa said...

The blue is very pretty and I see the picture in the 5th photo has a hint of yellow. That would tie in with the yellow in your kitchen, Kath. Even some yellow scatter cusions in the living room, would give it a little 'pop' of extra colour. I like it. Sue



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