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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hello my friends it seems like I never get much time on here anymore. I have a lot of things going on right now.
I got a lot of doctor appointments coming up and I am wishing that the results will be less pain and less anxiety.I am seeing a therapist now and she has been helping me a lot. I am reading a book on PTSD and I am beginning to accept the fact that I have PTSD because of the things I have been through in my past.

I am also finding myself and figuring out with the help of H ( my therapist) what kind of a woman I really am ....Why I am and what I want to become ...Some may think it's a little late for that :) but I am discovering that I want to be able to let walls down and let people see that inside..... I am soft and girly and want to be treated that way ....
I am still a strong  non fragile woman who has been to hell and back and has the scars to prove it but I'm learning that being a victim is not what I want to be nor is being a survivor.... I want to be soft and like pink ...I want to journal and have pretty things and I want a man that will love and take care of me which I am blessed enough to have .....

I want quietness and peace I want to learn new things to do....I want to try art journals and maybe some painting but most of all I want to feel comfortable with myself to have confidence in what I know I can become  

Anyways that is my ramblings for today ...I hope today find you all in good health and blessed. I will try to take some time to drop by your place today and catch up


  1. Kath, you are already a lot of those things you say you want to be. Hugs Sue x


Thank you so much for dropping by.....Please come back !!!